There is a scam going on again with a group of persons calling Wichita County Citizen’s advising them they have an outstanding warrant or that they failed to show up for jury duty. The subjects are identifying themselves as employees of the Sheriff’s Office using actual names of Deputies. They are then telling the citizen’s that they are requesting a bit coin transfer to pay for their outstanding warrants or fines.

The Wichita County Sheriff’s Office does not contact our citizen’s by telephone if they have outstanding warrants or if they owe for outstanding fines. Please do not give out your credit card information or any other personal information if you receive such a call. If you have a question about a call you have received, please contact the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office at 940-766-8170. Don’t become a victim. Hang up if you receive such a call.

For further information, contact Deputy Melvin Joyner at 940-766-8170, ext. 4016.

Deputy Melvin Joyner
Wichita County Sheriff’s Office
Community Services Unit

Office: 940-766-8170 ext. 4016
Fax: 940-766-8102
Cell: 940-781-2740