Detention Bureau

The Detention Bureau is responsible for managing all functions related to prisoners. Prisoner management primarily includes intake, release, housing, and transportation of prisoners.

While the Detention Bureau is the least visible aspect of Sheriff’s Office operations, it is the largest part of the Office.

Jail Operations

The Wichita County Jail System consists of two facilities rated for a combined capacity of 624 prisoners. In 2009, the Wichita County Jail processed 10,127 into custody. Jail population has been on the rise overall recently. In July of 2009, the jail had an average population of 558.

For information on rules related to the public interacting with prisoners please see the Jail Information page.

Prisoner Transport

The Transportation Division of the Detention Bureau is responsible for transporting prisoners to all medical and court appointments outside the jail as well as for picking up prisoners from other counties and states arrested on outstanding warrants originating in Wichita County.