This page contains answers to the questions the Sheriff’s Office is asked most frequently.

Can I bring children to visitation?

Adults may be accompanied in the visitation room by only one child. Infants that must be held do not count towards the one child limit (this does not include toddlers). Children must be supervised at all times. If more than two children are present, there must be one adult, seventeen or older, to supervise each child.

Is there anything I can't have in visitation?

Yes. Visits will be terminated if you are visiting an inmate and you have a cell phone. Proper dress must be worn in the visitation area.

What do I need to visit an inmate?

An ID issued by a state government or the federal government is required to visit an inmate. Valid ID’s include Driver’s Licenses, State issued ID’s, and military ID’s. School ID’s are not accepted.

How come I can't receive phone calls from the jail?

Some phones, including most cell phones, are not allowed to receive collect calls. This may be why you can not receive phone calls from the jail. Global Tel*Link, the inmate phone service provider, offers alternative billing methods to remedy this situation. Please view their brochure for Advance Pay options for more information. You can also contact GTL at 877-650-4249 to set up an account.

How do I pick up a relatives property?

Property can only be released if the inmate has filled out a property release form. Property is released only while the inmate is in holding. Once the inmate has been placed in housing, property is no longer able to be released.

Property of individuals released to other facilities will be maintained by the Sheriff’s Office for thirty days and is then destroyed.

How do I give an inmate money?

Money orders and cashiers checks can be mailed directly to the inmate and will be placed on their account. Each facility also has a kiosk that will accept credit cards for placing money on inmate accounts. Additionally, money can be deposited directly into an inmate account at Access Corrections over the internet.

How can I get my money I came to jail with?

Released inmates can pick up their money from the main Sheriff’s Office located on the first floor of the Wichita County Courthouse. Funds are released Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 3 PM, excluding holidays. Funds will only be released to the person listed on the “Released Inmate Money Instruction Sheet” and they must present a government issued ID.